Job Interview Tips for 2014 Best Interview Tips for Freshers

Job Interview Tips for 2014 Best Interview Tips for Freshers

Interview is an important component of the selection procedure of any company recruiting staff for its organization. Thus, preparation of Interview along with the written exams becomes a necessary thing for all the applicants for any job. For updates visit . Most of the time, it is witnessed that the candidates qualify for the written exams but fail to pass the Interview exams conducted thereafter by the selection authorities. An Interview is an audio-visual test conducted for the overall assessment of the personality and knowledge level of the candidates towards the selection of eligible candidates in a particular job.

In short, any interview is a test of the candidate to his/her physical as well as mental abilities for the concerned job. Lots of candidates find it difficult to prepare for the interview test after the written exam. For all such candidates who are specially freshers and have till now not appeared in any of the Interview tests, we have arranged this Interview section under which we will cover the basic interview tips, questions and related topics on the Job Interviews. All those applicants who are preparing for the job interviews must go through this job interview section at least for once.
Interview Tips for Freshers:
     1.      Appear your best at the Interview because the first impression is the last impression. Your appearance includes everything from clothes to hairs to shoes that you are wearing. The candidates must dress up neatly with well polished shoes and well pleated clothes in order to look confident and energetic before the employer.
     2.      Stand /sit straight in front of the interviewer as it will give an impression that you are really serious about this test and provide you a confidant image in front of the examiner.
    3.      Speak in a medium pitch voice while answering the questions and do not use complex sentences while you are answering. Be precise and clear about your views and wait for the response of the interviewee.
    4.      The candidate should not be argumentative in front of the interviewer as it will unnecessarily create a negative image in the minds of the interviewee about the interviewer. The candidates must accept their point of view and at the same time being adamant on its own point too.
    5.      The candidate should not give very slow response to the questions and he should not be too fast either. In short, the candidates must be prepared for all the questions put up by the interviewee. If you don’t know about some question, do not remain quiet, rather tell that you don’t have any idea on this issue.
    6.      Try to be as polite as possible with the interviewee and at the same time maintaining your decency towards the interviewee.
     7.      Remain confident and clear-headed while you appear for the test as it will give you positive energy to face the concerned interview.
    8.      The candidates must have a prior knowledge of the company for which you are giving the interview as this will give you a pre-idea about the kind of questions that can be put up by the interviewee and also the way to present yourself in front of them. For instance, if you are appearing for the interview to a journalist job then in that case, you must know about all the channels and programmes for electronic media or all the publications for the print media or the like.

     9.      The candidates must always be prepared for some basic questions such as-
a)     Introduce yourself
b)     Tell something about your academic qualifications and achievements
c)      Tell about your probable weaknesses and strengths
d)     Give the reasons why you are interested in this job
e)     Tell about your behavior while working in a team/ your ability to work under pressure etc.
    10.  The candidates must always tell only that which he/ she know. In other words, do not give your views on something about which you have half or no knowledge.

These are some very basic and important tips on the job interview for all the candidates who are appearing or preparing for the interview tests in any company that might prove beneficial towards the interview preparation for all the probable interviewees.

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