How to Build up Strong Vocabulary in 10 Days

How to build up strong vocabulary in 10 days

This section is meant for specially those who are planning to be a writer in near future be it: a professional writer or someone writing for any media or someone who is going to prepare for their competitive exams like CAT/MAT/ATMA/or any other. There are several candidates who find it difficult to prepare for the vocabulary section in exams; this section might prove helpful to all those candidates.

Here we provide you a few tips to improve upon your vocabulary. Though we don’t guarantee that it will improve in 10 days but yes it can help you to achieve that target provided you follow them sincerely. For updates visit .

Some tips on Improving Vocabulary:

   1.       Read and read more English literature and articles from some good journals/ newspapers/ magazines.
    2.      While you are doing this make a list of all those words that are not familiar to you and try to find their meanings from the dictionary.
    3.      Try to make use of all such unfamiliar words in your daily routine
   4.      Secondly, try to make a list of all such words that were found while you were studying them but could not identify with them as such.
    5.      Go through that list every day; if possible then paste that list on a place from where you can keep memorizing these words daily.
   6.      Use these words in your written communication as well as oral communication and make it a practice for getting in touch with those words.
    7.      Lastly, always try to learn more new words because if you stop learning then you might miss upon many new words that you have not yet come across.

These are some of the very basic rules that might prove beneficial for all the students who are interested to improve their vocabulary.

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